Sunday, October 7, 2007

Marshall Islands Surf Club

It gives me great pleasure and honor to announce the formation of the Republic of the Marshall Islands Surf Club. The Rita Chapter had its first session on Sunday with cofounders Dan “40-Pounds” Caccavano and Tim “He-So-Pretty” Lane taking the club’s one battered and borrowed board out into a killer session of frothy two-foot rollers.

The club’s first outing was a huge success, the effects of which are being widley felt through the community at large. Mr. Caccavano took the majority of the rides in the first day as he netted a couple of intense drop-ins that had the crowd (i.e. Tim in snorkel gear) cheering for more. Tim was not to be outdone however has he jammed on one quality ride of his own that must have lasted north of a second and a half.

The sensation that is the Republic of the Marshall Islands Surf Club, Rita Chapter has caused a particular stir among the forighn community on island as two girls have already offered to be club “groupies.”

For those who have heard rummers swirling around co-founder Tim’s potentially career-ending injury, take heart. It is a mere scratch and was actually sustained when he started swimming in too shallow of water right next to the shore and had nothing to do with a nasty fall or a giant shark (as some have speculated in the many Republic of the Marshall Islands Surf Club blogs out there in the blog world).

The surf club is seeking NGO status and has plans to expand into the community and take the local youth into the waves. Never mind that the local youth far exceed both Dan and Tim’s skills in the water.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Surf Club is in desperate need of a few things to get the club really off of the ground. Mainly surfboards, booties and rash guards. Other than that we are golden. Any donations are welcomed and can be sent to:

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Surf Club
C/O WorldTeach
P.O. Box 627
Majuro, Marshall Islands

The love you give comes back in the end.


James said...

hey! I've got two sweet boards at my place how about I sell them on the street and give you guys the cash! Good idea?

Tom said...

Tim, good work with the "club." I'll buy your first logo tee shirt. Your friend is still snaking me on my board. MIA. It would have been perfect for the micro waves of Micronesia.

Tim Lane said...


Tim Lane said...

well, Tom, I might be having my father bring the board over on the plane...that is if he doesn't mind...what do you think?>

Ryan Cedric said...

I'm in the green room. You still there? I was wondering if you could give me some more information on the sufing quality in the Marshall Islands. How big are the waves and such.
I was also wondering if you could give me informaition on the quality of education in the Marhsall Islands. If someone were to give money to the school system what do you think they shoud and would use it on?

Rino said...

Are you guys still there?
This is the President of the Ocean Beach Geriatric Surf Club and Precision Marching Surfboard Drill team in San Diego California...(really)
Second Chance Rino Sclippa
What's new from 8 degrees above the equator? Planning on relocating to Kwajalein in 2010.
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